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What is Veryfi

Veryfi is a mobile financial automation platform designed for the construction workforce.

Outdated data is useless. Stop wasting precious hours from revenue generating activities. Improve your team's productivity with smart mobile tools which automate collection of time & materials, eliminate data entry, automate tax coding/categorization and reconciliation with Veryfi.

Easy to Setup & Use

Adoption is important. Veryfi supports all platforms so no one on your team misses out. Available on iPhone, Android, Tablet/iPad & Web.

Veryfi apps are optimized for reliability, availability, and speed by software engineers in Silicon Valley who have your productivity in mind.

Bookkeeping on Autopilot

Veryfi takes the pain and stress out of receipt/bill data entry when you purchase materials while improving your workforce productivity.

Our apps use Veryfi’s world-first machine-vision and machine-learning bookkeeping platform to achieve real-time data extraction and categorization. That might sound confusing, so watch this watch [5 min preso in SF] to see how it works.

Single Source For Your Financials

Instant, actionable data. Exceptional businesses react and adjust in real-time, not at the end of the month.

Keep your office and field in sync with real-time updates on projects, costs, expenses, location, et al., while giving executives visibility into their company's health at any given moment.

Field team mobile apps

Available on iPhone & Android with Siri support so you don't even have to open your app to clock-in!

Manage projects & timesheets via web app

Available on all browsers. Manage your teams, projects, timesheets and much more.


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Buried in Receipts?

Let Veryfi help today and improve your team's productivity by eliminating the boring parts of time and material bookkeeping. Watch this short clip below how Veryfi's customer Mahogany Builders improved their productivity regaining a day each week wasted collecting & sorting receipts from the field team.

Join the Veryfi revolution

Seconds to extract data
Happy Users

Many ways to collect

There are many ways to get money in (income) and money out (expenses, receipts, bills) into Veryfi.


Everyone gets their own vanity email to forward digital POS/receipts or bills for processing into your Veryfi app.


Veryfi’s custom camera is fast and handles receipt detection, image distortion corrections, noise removal (inc. hand holding receipt) et al.


Speak to your Veryfi app (phone or watch) and have the expense transcribed and coded in seconds.

Cloud Slurp

Documents dropped into your favorite cloud storage provider (eg. Dropbox) are pulled up for processing (text extraction, coding et al) and pushed to your Veryfi apps.

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Veryfi Centurion Card

Exclusive by invite only.
A card for your Team buying materials which you can control spend


All plans include 30 day money back guarantee and
14 day test drive of all features.

$13.75/ month / user


  • Unlimited document storage
  • Unlimited reporting & insights
  • Unlimited support
No payment info required to start trial.
$30/ month / user


  • Everything PRIME and...
  • Unlimited time & project tracking
  • Unlimited accounting integrations
No payment info required to start trial.


  • Everything PRIME PLUS and...
  • ERP Integrations
  • SLA


Check out what our customers have to say

In addition to helping our internal processes and communication, have the added benefit of helping us attract and retain top talent who want to work for an organization that seeks and deploys useful technology like yours..
Wesley Crocket, Director of Operations at Mahogany Builders
Wesley Crocket Director of Operations at Mahogany Builders
We needed to know how profitable each job was. This would enable us to provide better training to sales and understand where we needed to focus our efforts as a business.
Bill Winso, Managing Director at Eco Irrigation
Bill Winsor Managing Director at Eco Irrigation

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Our Story

Veryfi founders, Ernest & Dmitry, have from an early age enjoyed building stuff. Creating something from nothing is a rewarding experience. Software Engineering has been at the core of the duo for the past 30 years, but encompassing it, Construction has been a part of life working on family business and later our own real estate.

Veryfi is a result of solving the pains of meticulous financial record keeping & data entry in Construction with Software. Going beyond digitization and actually improving Productivity through Automation. No more data entry! Automation using machine-learning and machine-vision on a computer that lives in your pocket, your smartphone.

Veryfi is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley (San Mateo, CA). We are a team of software engineers and specialists in civil engineering & specialty trade. Our mission is to empower you with remarkable software so you can focus on your business, not data entry.



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